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~ Testimonials ~

"We are in the business of reviving inactive public companies.  We clean up legal and accounting issues and file required documents with the SEC.  We then find private company merger candidates. This gives existing shareholders a second chance with their original investment and private businesses an entry in the public capital market.  What we do is subject to intensive scrutiny by the SEC and other regulatory agencies.  It takes a team of professionals to comply with the regulatory requirements.  Schumacher & Associates, as our auditors, has been an integral part of this team for over 15 years. Mick and Lois have extensive public company audit and accounting knowledge and experience.  They understand the rules, they are always available to answer questions, and they are diligent in making sure that they meet our filing timing requirements. We feel fortunate that our regulatory reviews have resulted in only minimal accounting and audit questions and comments, which we have been able to readily address and clear."

Equity Capital Investor, Business Consultant (Name and contact information provided upon request)

"I had the opportunity to work with Lois on an audit in Pune, India. Lois is a pure professional and extremely competent. She is all business, but has a wonderful ability to develop a strong, cooperative working relationship with her client at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience working with her."

Former Human Resources Director for the State of Colorado

(Name and contact information provided upon request)

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“Good auditors don’t know what they are looking for but find it any way.  They notice the tip of the iceberg and recognize it with a sense of foreboding of what lies beneath.”

~ Unknown ~

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