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"Managers and investors alike understand that accounting numbers are the beginning, not the end, of business valuation."

~ Warren Buffett ~

Business Valuations and Litigation Support

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"We utilized Mick in a case where the parties were short on funds but there was a business to evaluate. One side argued that the business had no value, while the other side argued that the business had substantial value subject to equitable division. Rather than spending all of the time and money required by a full blown business evaluation, Mick did a calculation valuation "look-see" for us. We took his report with us to mediation and with it, we were able to settle our case. It was a great use of time and resources for the parties."

Family Law Attorney (Name and contact information available upon request.)

"I represented the minority shareholders in litigation filed against the officers, directors, majority shareholders, predecessor auditors, and successor auditors of a public company. Mick Schumacher was a fact witness in this case.  Being deposed by numerous attorneys, his deposition lasted two days and yielded transcripts of nearly a thousand pages.  Mick Schumacher and Lois Huston's forensic accounting and communication skills provided the basis for a favorable settlement, without going to trial, for my clients."

Securities Attorney (Name and contact information provided upon request.)

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